Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cold Winter My Ass

MEDIA WATCH: Don't you just love weather stories? Especially ones that make predictions about the coming season. The Bureau makes a few offhand comments about the coming winter expected to be "business as usual" [their stats are saying there's an even chance of a normal winter] and the ski resorts say they're looking forward to a "bumper season" [well of course they would be, snow is how they make their money] and the next thing you know, the headline in The Age is "coldest winter in a decade". Talk about extrapolation [and dodgy journalism]. My prediction: for a dry, sunny, warm winter and within the next fortnight we might even see some all-time June high temp. records broken. Why? Coz the BOM is bound (I don't mean in a bad way, I mean it just has to stay objective and as close as to the actual data as possible - it has to be as credible as possible) to ignore Global Warming effects, but it's exactly these that are giving us the massive blocking highs and sissy cold fronts which will gave Melbourne no less than 19 degrees today and more to follow...

Read the hyperbole

Update 22 August.

So what actually happened? Well, June panned out with an average of 10-16 degrees, against the usual 7-14 with just 14mm of rain against the usual of 49mm but about average sunshine...thus, so much for the bumper snow season in June.

July was a bit closer to normal with 7-14 degrees against the longterm normal of 6-13 with almost the normal amount of rain (for a change) and a fair bit more sunshine than usual. Not bad for the ski resorts, but nothing outrageous. Business as usual.

August looks like it's going to be slightly cooler than usual - panning out at 7-14 degrees against the longterm 7-15 degrees (although everyone's screaming about how unbelievably bloody cold it is! - shows you how quickly we get used to Global Warming haha, last year in August it was 9-17, with 6.5 hours of sunshine a day versus the longterm 4.7 hours; which is well above the longterm norm, but I noticed no one said a word about how bloody warm and sunny it was for winter!) Good for the ski resorts no doubt, but bumper season? Hardly.

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