Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Með suð í eyrum...

These days I'm not much of a fan any more, except when it comes to Icelanders Sigur Ros. Whenever they do something interesting like putting out an album or a DVD or touring I go all adolescent and get very excited with anticipation. Which is kinda a nice feeling. So I'm very happy that at the moment said Icelanders are up to lots of stuff. They're just about to put out a new album called [in English] With a buzz in the ears we play endlessly. And it's available right now as a hi-fi [128 kbps] audio stream at Last FM! Cool or what :)
You can also stream it from their website although the quality isn't as good as at last FM. And you can watch the video to the first single Gobbledidook which features lots of naked people running around in a forest [very profound I'm sure] as well downloading a 320 kpbs MP3 of the first single all gratis! Obviously the Rosses are not afraid of the internet or sharing their music for free which is a good thing I reckon.
Best of all they're doing a world tour and coming to Melbourne Australia on August 1st. Should be great! Cool, cool, very cool.

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