Tuesday, July 22, 2008

go foetus go

Just recently I've been totally getting into the music of Foetus, which is basically Jim Thirwell's abiding project. It's totally blown me away. It's weird, sometimes bands can pass you by your whole life and then, one day, you suddenly sit up and take notice and it toally rocks your spirit. There's no reason I should have neglected Foetus for so long. Thirwell has collaborated with many of my favourite acts, including people like Coil, Nick Cave, Ministry and Nine Inch Nails and heaps more. A couple of Foetus tracks have been sitting in my library for ages and occassionally they'll pop up in a playlist but I guess his music just didn't strike me. Til now. It's like certain music chooses you - it waits until you're in the right state to receive it and then it devours you. Or maybe the fact that Thirwell often uses big band and jazz elements in his work didn't fit my narrow-minded conception of what "industrial/experimental" music ought to sound like. I dunno, whatever. In any case, I'm totally into Foetus right now. I'm listening to it all day long, like a teenager who's just discovered his favourite band of all time, haha. I was thinking about what album to buy next the other day and it occurred to me that I have no Foetus albums in my collection at all. This seemed rather bad to me, it made my library incomplete somehow. So I bought the album Love, more or less on a whim. And fell in love. Then I got hold of four more or albums, Flow, Hole, Gash, Thaw and Nail, as you do these days with DSL boradband connections and finally also purchased what I've decided already is a masterpiece; his latest release, Damp. I can't find a good link for it, but the whole thing is available to buy at the Foetus website, linked to above.
What's so good about Foetus then? Well, it's definitely not to most people's tastes but I think it's genius. Complex arrangements, instrumentations and orchestrations, the way he mixes and mashes up just about every musical genre ever invented, from trance techno to big band to classical to metal in a celebration of industrial style musical jouissance, his hilarious, piercing acidic lyrics. I dunno, better you listen for yourself, because it doesn't matter. Most people find Foetus totally unpalatable - I don't want to come over pretentious, but Foetus is really for the few who think too much, are easily bored, so inclined and need a whole lot more than the daily clutter you hear on FM radio.
My fave track at the moment is Chimera [clicking on link is strongly recommended! Go on - I know you want to]. It's a cocoon of perfect contradiction and dichotomy - tender and acidic, beautiful and totally insincere, a pastiche of longing and desire. Total genius! ;-)

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