Sunday, July 20, 2008

Watch that Ibuprofen now!

Took some Nurofen Plus (four, exactly) to quell a hangover the other day. My God. My liver didn't like it at all. It went into toxin overload and swelled up like a balloon and the, I hope I never ever get hepatitis.

I've heard warnings before about what ibuprofen can do to your liver but never took them very seriously. Nurofen Plus is a special kind of Nurofen you can get here. It's laced with 14mg of codeine per pill. Obviously, that's not heaps, but still a significant amount of opiates you can get over the counter without a doctor's script. So to stop people shooting them up, they are heavily scored with chalk. I'm sure that doesn't do you any good whatsoever either.

As usual, at first I thought it was just me who got into trouble with this but apparently not so according to this article at:

Nurofen Plus - medicine not to mess with...especially after you've been drinking.

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