Thursday, August 21, 2008

The 2008 Communist Party of China Olympics

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The 2008 Beijing Olympics. Huh - What of it? Should have been called the 2008 CCP Olympics for all anyone got a chance to get into the Olympic Spirit. If there is one thing the CCP has be totally credited for and immensely proud of it's, in typical commie fashion, utterly and totally crushing the Olympic Spirit once and for all.

Well done Mr Hu and Mr Wen! You've achieved what you set out to do - total and utter submission of every aspect and expression of the Olympics to the complete and absolute control of the Almighty Communist Party Of China.

And for patriotic Chinese reading this - please note well that I am referring only to the Communist Party of China and do not thereby intend to imply or want to be misinterpreted as implying in any way that I thereby refer either to the People of China or the Historical Nation of China which are two totally separate entities, in all ways distinct from the CCP which parasitically and satanically continues to siphon the very life from your noble human souls in my opinion. I have total respect for the people of China and for China as a country and a culture. I have no respect whatsoever for repressive totalitarian regimes.

Consider the following as proof that any shred of humanity and spirit has been exorcised from the Olympic Games:

  • As widely reported in the international media, the CCP ordered several large hotel chains under threat of loss of operating license, to install invasive security systems in order to spy on (foreign) guests staying during the Olympics, which included monitoring of email and internet usage.
  • On top of that though, not so widely reported, UK intelligence chiefs John Evans of MI5 and John Scarlet of MI6 warned all visiting officials back in July to be wary of so-called "honey traps" planted by the CCP - basically, attractive female agents planted to seduce foreign officials and get them back to the officials' hotel rooms in order to steal information and also, to be wary of the fact that hotel cleaning staff could be CCP agents using a variety of excuses to enter foreigners' rooms up to five times a day. This isn't conspiracy theory folks, this is from MI5 and MI6.
  • 400 Chinese girls had to strip naked as part of the application process to work at the Opening Ceremony. They were also subjected to 13 hours a day of 'smile training'. (Epoch Times)
  • Foreign clergy were banned from serving athletes in the Olympic Village and were replaced with local CCP sanctioned Chinese clergy, many of whom could barely speak English. This especially became an issue for the Americans after the murder of the father of the coach US men's volleball team. After intense pressure the CCP relented and allowed a chaplain who spoke fluent English to enter the village. (Washington Times)
  • The CCP, being so paranoid about the possibility of spectators becoming trouble makers decided, in their infinite wisdom, that the best solution would be to keep most seats empty, leading to the bizarre situation of sold-out Olympic events with empty stadiums. When (and what else did they expect for heaven's sake???) the rest of the world started demanding to know what was going on, they filled up the seats with "cheerleaders" - no doubt all of them carefully screened and approved by the Public Security Bureau beforehand.
  • An armed tank in front of the media centre - just to let the pesky media know who's boss. I couldn't have imagined a more poignant and aesthetically perfect Orwellian 1984 moment. It brought tears to my eyes. Well done.
  • The Yang Peiyi lip-synching scandal - did they really expect us to believe that Lin Miaoke was anything but totally devastated? But it was in the 'national interest'! You mean in the interest of some sexist, backward Politbureau prick. I mean, Mr. Hu & Mr. Wen, for God's sake, what do you take us Westerners for?? A bunch of dumbass donkeys so zoned out we can't tell red from green??? WAKE UP!!!
  • The cancellation by the Beijing Olympic organisers with the scandalous backing of the IOC of the daily press briefing after the media insisted on asking questions about things like air quality, pro-Tibet protests, amd a million other awkward "nit-picking" (according to the now infamous Wang Wei) issues that it is reporters' jobs to raise.
  • The sentencing of two elderly women, one of whom is almost blind, to a year's Re-education through Labour, for daring to apply to protest about the loss of their house at the officially set aside public space for protests during the Olympics. According to the New China News Agency, 77 applications were made for peaceful protests at this state sanctioned protest space which was set up by the CCP especially for people to voice their concerns during the Olympics and for which the IOC hailed and applauded the CCP. Not one of the over 77 applications was successful. Not a single protest has actually been staged there. (According to Wang Wei, all the disputes for which the applications had been lodged had been already resolved, so there was no need to make use of the space after all. Jeez, they got a lame excuse for everything don't they. And the pollution in Beijing? Oh yea, that was caused by too many fairies in the back of the garden farting apparently.) And the elderly couple's crime? "Disturbing the public order". At least the PSB bureau which served the notice of sentence was apparently so embarassed at having to serve it they are letting the couple serve their sentence in their home rather than sending them to a concentration, sorry, re-education camp; to be tortured to death, sorry I mean, liberated through invigorating hard work.
And on and on and on it goes.

The IOC is the Whore of Babylon
(see the Book of Revelation for more info)

And how does the IOC respond? Well the IOC said its job is to be concerned about the smooth running of the events themselves (ie, they're not even really interested in what happens off the field, like in the rest of stadium space) than 'side-issues'.

Oh sorry, actually, the IOC meant to say it is more interested in making sure there is absolutely no threat whatsoever to the countless millions of dollars it has received and will receive for Olympic viewing rights. As long as everything looks okay on TV then everything is okay, as far as the IOC is concerned. And the Olympic Spirit?

Get real...grow up - STUFF the Olympic Spirit - what are you, a moron?? There's money, truckloads full of money at stake here after all. (And on that note, what the fuck are professional sports players such as Aussie tennis player Lleyton Hewitt doing at the Olympics anyway? Since when did tennis become an Olympic sport? Oh, right, since the IOC started worshipping Mammon.)

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