Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Deep, Dark Ambient Drone Gift From Heaven

"Substantia Innominata - Sing the Song of the Unknown" a series of 10" vinyl records being released on the Drone Records label. For someone like me, who's not only a fan of the drone and deep ambient music genre but also a fan of the old vinyl record (not because I think they sound superior or anything like that - that's just BS - but just because they are so much more visceral to play, not to mention the superior artwork; besides, I'm a nostalgic dork), this is a gift from the gods and as soon as found about the existence of this series I went ahead and blew my budget and bought all 10 records so far released (cost me EU200,-  or some crazy price like that - dun wanna think about it).

The music ranges from the spiriually sublime, reverend, almost sacred drones on Voice of Eye's contribution Substantia Innominata, titled after the series, to the disturbing, frightening drones on RLW's contribution Contours Imaginaires. Another standout so far, being Hum's drones released as The Spectral Ship, although I haven't had a good chance to listen closely to the
whole set yet to figure out which are the best.

The artwork itself on each of the covers is amazing and beautiful and all the records are coloured in various hues, from white to blue to yellow to brown. If you're into drone and dark ambient this is definitely a must have!

More info at the Substantia Innominata site!

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