Friday, September 4, 2009

Two Rare Australian Tracks: Models (Evolution) and Machinations (My Heart's On Fire)

I am posting here two very incredibly rare remixes of two in any case rare Australian songs. Whether or not anyone else is interested in these tracks is irrelevant to me, it's taken me since 1993 (seriously) to find these two 12" singles again. I actually found both of them in Brisbane at the Record Market in the city in 1992 and got them for $1 each along with many, many other 12" singles. I was 20 back then and the CD was just really taking off. I don't know what made me do it - just youth, fancy, flight, whatever, but I ditched my whole record collection with my brother who promised to take good care of them but then thought it was a good idea to let his friends use my records as frisbees. And never did quite see the incongruity in doing so. Dickhead.
Anyway. Most of the really rare ones I have recovered, including these two. And here they are. I know someone will look for them, because I'm always looking for this kinda stuff ;)

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