Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Dole Bludger

A dole bludger is: a person (other than oneself or one's very immediate family, usually younger and considered less deserving than oneself) who is perceived in any way to be living off the proceeds of other people's work by receiving money under any sections of Australia's universal welfare provisions, whether legitimately or less legitimately so.

The word bludger is grammatically a so-called 'false analysis' of the verb "to bludgeon" - originally a bludger was a low thief roaming around in small gangs who had no problem using extreme violence by [bludgeoning] their victim. 

Time, history and in a large part politics prevailing, the term came to mean firstly that, anyone who was educated, or even just a white collar worker, was bludging their arses off the hard sweat of real working men; who were earning their hard yakka by doing real mens work like plumbing and mining and bashing fags and Asians and other such wholesome Australian activities. 

If you even knew the meaning of such words as "philosophy" or "poetry" or "proletariat" you would be suspected of being a bludger. Seeing as being called a bludger is about as bad a being accused of molesting little girls by sodomic rape in this country, Australia's renowned reputation for being the dumbest industrialized country in the world (only rich because it has lots of raw minerals to sell to China (which of course is a country just bludging off good old Aussie sweat; seeing as how they are slanty-eyed commie Chinks) starts to make a whole lot of sense.

Later on, the Australian economy became more white-collar oriented, and as dull men in suits became more common the term was employed to alienate and denigrate  anyone unfortunate enough not be working and in receipt of the new welfare system payments created of course by those bludging Canberra bureaucrats for the benefit of Whitlam voting commie dole bludgers.

These days, anyone in receipt of any kind of welfare whatsoever is by government decree (see Mal Brough, Employment Minister, 2002) a dole bludger in which case you would do best to feel deep, deep shame and not show your face in public, seeing as you have become yourself a bludger unable to return a shout at the pub lest you let your little ones go without bread tomorrow. And we all know very well that if you do shout that beer your little one will be the ones to suffer. Such shame on you!

Interestingly, aged pensioners are not just yet labelled as dole bludgers; perhaps just because they are old and frail, blind and deaf and sick, and  many of them live in nursing homes. Don't be surprised though if the government should label them as such and order them back to work if it has another bad public moment (like in 2002) trying to cut welfare payments (by $60 a week) in the future. 

After all, Mal Brough and the Howard government already ordered all 50-67 year olds back to full-time work, or work-for-the-dole, back in 2005. Seeing as this lot was just a bunch of dole scabbing bludgers.

A vote for the Liberals...


Anonymous said...

Wow your getting technical about bludgers ay

Anonymous said...

Wrong. Dole Bludger is a term for someone living on welfare who with no legitimate reason (injury, disability, age, mental illness) for not working.