Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hot Hot Hot!!!

Phew! Are we enjoying one hell of an Autumn here down under in the South-East. It actually got to 29 degrees today, on the 20th of April, more like what you'd expect in the middle of summer. Most of the month has been this way. The average here in April is 10-20 degrees but it's shaping up to be around 13-23 degrees, as you can see from this graphic below (click to see detailed view).

I'm sure climate scientists and farmers are not very happy at all but there's one really good thing about it. I'm not a fan of hot weather at all but this very extended summer means there has been no need to pull out the heaters yet which is great considering the last electricity bill saw energy prices increase by a whopping 18% in one hit. It was $295 when it would have been $240 without the increase which is apparently urgently needed so the companies can build yet more dirty, polluting coal-fired power stations. Aaaah...life just goes on don't it?

So anyway, in celebration of this delightful Indian Summer weather we are enjoying here's an oldie, but a goodie:


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