Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Northern Territory UFO Invasion Makes It To Roswell Museum

Life at the Top End must be really weird, wonderful and exciting. Imagine waking up to find a story about a UFO invasion splashed over the front page of the day's newspaper. (This one is dated 20/04/10)

For those not familiar, the NT News is not quite the NT's version of News Of The World. It is actually Darwin's leading and only "serious" daily newspaper. And it's not just UFO invasions that make headlines up there. Amongst the day's leading stories include a crocodile found squatting a swimming pool, a baby born in a car park, a NASA balloon the size of the MCG coming to land near Alice Springs, another crocodile, this time a 4.5 metre one terrorizing fishermen...Gee and that's all on an insignificant April Tuesday.

Like I said, life must be one wild adventure up in Darwin. I can't wait for my next holiday there!

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