Monday, June 21, 2010

Watch Your Back! The Nanny State Is At It Yet Again.

Far out. As if a mandatory internet filter weren't bad enough, now the government wants to block you from accessing the internet altogether if you don't have the right anti-virus software and firewall installed on your machine.

NO THANKS. I already have an excellent anti-virus program and an excellent firewall in place. It's called my brain. And the operating system it runs on is not Mac OS X Leopard or Windows 7. It's called COMMON SENSE. Something the people who wrote this, people of my own generation unfortunately, seem to have extremely little of.

I'm not shelling out $100 on stupid A-V and firewall software whose only function will be to slow my machine way down and chew up a whole lot of resources.

In fact, I can't believe the stupidity of the proposals that keep flying about in this country of late - mandatory internet filtering, banning skateboarding and roller-blading after dark (Qld.), banning energy drinks because they contain caffeine (NSW), getting parents and teachers to "spy" on what kids do on the net and what SMSes they send in order to "protect" them from paedophiles (NSW), and now this.

I'm sad that my generation of officials is so incredibly stupid to keep coming up with these outrageous proposals.  Grow up folks, and use some of that common sense God's given you.

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